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Group Exercise - Cape Cod, MA

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241 Testimonials

Reasons why I love virtual 241 Fitness:

1. I can stay in bed longer (no driving time)

2. It doesn't matter if I do the moves wrong because I'm tiny on the screen and nobody cares anyway

3. People are supportive both virtually and in person!

SM~ Falmouth

"So many classes and great instructors."

JE ~ Cataumet 

"I have tried many gyms and classes over the past 20 years, 241 is always top of the line!!! Fun integrating new and innovative work outs!! Never boring! Body and life changing energy!! Thanks 241 crew!!❣️️☮️"

M.N. ~ Teaticket

"With my cardiologist permission I started at 241 four months after open heart surgery. Wendy and all the teachers accepted me and took my fears away. I have worked hard. I have lost weight, gained back my strength, balance and confidence. I have done the meditation classes and the restore retreats that have really helped the stress of recovery from OHS. I am feeling like a normal person now. Ummmm better than normal. The staff at 241 are wonderful!! Thank you. "

M.E.S.~ Falmouth

"After joining 241 Fitness a year ago, I can honestly say this organization is a wonderful part of my life. I've never been in a fitness class setting that is so fun, so well-rounded, non-competitive, and genuinely supportive of true well-being from the inside out. The teachers are the heart of what makes 241 great. My face get a workout from smiling and laughing, I get a challenging work-out without hurting myself, and the range of classes throughout the week assures it never dull. I love that 241 offers self-care, nutrition and meditation education, as well as fantastic "spa" events, and that Self Defense is periodically available as another aspect of self-care and empowerment. I love the excitement of new classes, like Ariel Yoga. 241 is such a bright and nourishing contribution to the Falmouth Community. Coincidentally, I'm about 20 lbs lighter than I was when I joined. There's so much more to still explore at 241!"

A.W. ~ Falmouth

"I have been taking classes for three years now and continue to love every one of them. Not only are classes fun and challenging with great instruction and wonderful music, they are a great way to meet a wonderful group of people. With a combination of diet and regular exercising at 241, I have lost 18 lbs and have been able to cut my blood pressure medication in half - with a goal of getting off it all together. My heart rate is lower than when I was running (42 for a 63 year old)! I cannot say enough about Wendy, her staff, and 241!

GAA ~ West Falmouth

"What a find! Great music! Wonderful instructors! Friendly caring encouraging atmosphere Highly recommend Thursday night yoga with Trish Gebbie, Ballet barre with Abigail, and all Wendy's classes be prepared to go go go for an hour!"

AC ~ Falmouth

"And I almost didn't GO! I just came from Monday night ZUMBA and it was the BEST class ever. It's the class where the lights are low, the music's pumping, and the energy is high. Makes me realize what I'd miss when I hesitate to drag myself from the house..... Thx Wendy and Annie. So good!"

SM ~ Falmouth

"Love. Love. Love your classes Wendy! Your knowledge, direction, soothing tone and healthy, injury free moves are the best of the best. Couldn't have more benefits packed in an hour. Many thanks and many blessings! ⚘"

MAS ~ Falmouth

"241 Fitness was Amazing for me" I recommend Wendy and entire 241 Fitness team. improve fitness or weight loss. The 21 day fix program helped me lose weight. At least 25 pounds in under 100 days. I weigh less TODAY because of it! Since, moving away from Cape Cod, I have been forced to go to other places. There is no one else, who does a better job inspiring and even explaining how each exercise helps and which muscles are being used than Wendy. She and 241 Fitness have my highest recommendation. PS - Hoping to enjoy honor of paying for an extra class if I am temporarily visiting Cape Cod! Which class? TRX ! Zumba! Kickboxing! 20/20/20! Step! Any class is worth it!

S.H. ~ Falmouth

"No rhythm. Bad dancer. Planned to take group of high schoolers to Cuba. Needed to get rhythm and learn to dance.... (I did go to Cuba and DANCED:) Started 241 a yr. and half ago. Went to my annual physical exam. Lost weight and grew ONE inch taller. At age 54, that's a miracle. Thanks Wendy; you rock :) "

S.S. ~ Falmouth

"Zumba is new to me, I am still learning the steps but loving it. I look forward to the work out, the sweating, the dancing, the music, the uplifting smiles of the instructors as they teach the dance they love, and the women in the class. For one hour I forget the stress that life can bring and can just enjoy myself while exercising. You will walk out of the class and say "Life is good."

S.E.G. ~ Falmouth

"Good to see the both of you. I am back after being away for 1 year and you guys are the two very best instructors I have been with. You guys know your stuff. I am so glad to be back."

M.J.F. ~ Falmouth

"I find these classes so much fun, everyone has great enthusiasm, the variety of movements really brings some challenge, with a terrific workout! Thank you"

S.G ~ East Falmouth

"After having a baby last year I finally decided it was time to get my butt off the couch and do something, and shed the last few pounds of "baby weight". I signed up in January for the yearly plan without even trying a class first. As soon as I met Wendy I just knew this was going to be great. I have been going to Zumba 3x a week ever since. I have lost 7lbs so far and gained back my muscle tone and increased my energy. I LOVE going to class and have such a blast shaking it with all of the ladies! I have so much more energy, self confidence, and feel great! Thank you Ally & Wendy!"

D.T. ~ East Falmouth 

"Zumba is the best workout ever! I have been struggling up and down with my weight for the past 8 years. I have always wanted to work out, and have had periods where I would, but never consistently and never enough to actually lose any weight. The classes offered at 241 Fitness don't feel like a chore! I love the instructors and the workouts are entertaining and fun. My friends have seen the results I have achieved and have followed me to Zumba. It is a great, healthy way for us to spend time together. I continue to receive many compliments on my new look. Not only do I look better than ever, but I also feel great, body, mind & spirit! Thank you 241 Fitness!!"

M.M. ~ East Falmouth

I just got back from the Doctor's office and I have the heartbeat of an athlete (64), the bones of a 35 year old and a very fit body. For 67 years old, that's not too shabby. Thanks to Wendy and 241 for making exercise fun and Beto Perez for Zumba."

A.L. ~ North Falmouth

"I had aways worked out by myself with DVDs, walking, etc, but that was becoming repetitive and not terrible rewarding. My New Year's resolution was to find an exercise option that was socially, cognitively and physically stimulating, AND FUN. So in early January after sampling the classes for a week, I signed up for a year. They are MASTER teachers who integrate instruction and information into all their programs; it is amazing how well they can lead a class filled with people of vastly different abilities. And everyone has FUN! I am thrilled with my newfound stamina and muscle tone. Thanks!"

D.C. ~ Falmouth

"Zumba is new to me, I am still learning the steps but loving it. I look forward to the work out, the sweating, the dancing, the music, the uplifting smiles of the instructors as they teach the dance they love, and the women in the class. For one hour I forget the stress that life can bring and can just enjoy myself while exercising. You will walk out of the class and say "Life is good."

T.F. ~ Falmouth

"I joined 241 Fitness in January 2010,after listening to Thursday night Zumba while I was playing tennis. I also was having some significant back pain and my surgeon told me I needed to consider back surgery. I figured I would give the classes a try and see what happened. I found the instructors to be so positive & supportive, they always had a low impact, back friendly option, I tried it and I am back pain free for 1 &1/2 years!!! It has changed my life and I am so thankful I took the step to attend a class. It took a while to get all the steps down, but I love it and would recommend to anyone who has been away from organized classes for a while,,, you will love it!!!! Thank you !!!"

P.H. ~ Falmouth

"I haven't stopped smiling in a Zumba class yet!! If laughter (and smiling) is the best medicine, then try Zumba!! At first I was hard on myself and wanted to do every step perfectly. As time went on I realized that this wasn't so important and having fun and moving was what it was about! Getting back into exercise has been such a great thing for me. I schedule my life around my class and look forward to working out and seeing everyone. As a relative newcomer to Zumba I am thrilled to have been introduced to it and even more excited that I love it! Thank you for making it such a fabulous place to get those endorphin's moving and to smile while working out! Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious!"

D.A.A. ~ North Falmouth

"I have always found it difficult to motivate myself to exercise or go to the gym. As soon as I tried the Zumba class I discovered a place where I could have fun and dance... oh yeah and actually get an amazing workout that I wouldn't have gotten by just going on a machine. Not only are the instructors kind and friendly ladies, but they have an amazing energy that keeps the dance routines new and fresh and fun. The best part is that I don't have to motivate myself; I just show up and they kick my butt for me... Zumba Party style!"

S.E.G. ~ Falmouth

"I have been coming to Zumba with 241 Fitness for almost 2 years now. I fell in love with Zumba, and more importantly Wendy at my first class. Since I have been coming I have moved, had a full time job, and ended up back in school full time. I make the extra trip and time for 241 Fitness because they are the BEST! All the classes, not just Zumba, are a great work out and a lot of fun. Before 241 Fitness I struggled with weight and exercise for years. With their help, I have reached my ideal weight and stayed at it for over a year- this is a first for me! I look forward with confidence to continuing fun and health with the instructors at 241!!"

M.M.~ Mashpee

"I have been coming to Zumba for nearly 2 years. When I first got started I could hardly keep up with the steps, plus my big thing about exercise is, " I would do it but I don't like to Sweat". I had always avoided Aerobics because I had 2 left feet and always struggled. The thing I love most about the class is that you can do what you can do and Feel good about it....Eventually I get the steps. The atmosphere in the room is so warm, accepting....It is a blast."

J.M.B. ~ East Falmouth

"Thank you 241 for bringing (and keeping) fitness into my life in such a positive way. Thank you for giving me confidence, for making me strong, for building my cupcakes, and for helping me to shed a bunch of weight and several pants sizes! Thank you for bringing together an amazing group of people! Thank you for being amazing yourselves! Since I last checked in, I've kept off those pesky pounds, and now I'm working on toning everything up - bathing suit season? BRING IT!!! Your advice, instruction, and enthusiasm keeps me going even when I don't want to anymore!"

T.C. ~ East Falmouth

"Absolutely the fastest hour of exercise I ever experienced (with a smile on my face). All the talk about Zumba at 241 being a party is on the mark; I so look forward to each class!"

M.A.J. ~ East Falmouth

"Good to see the both of you. I am back after being away for 1 year and you guys are the two very best instructors I have been with. You guys know your stuff. I am so glad to be back."

B.A. ~ East Falmouth

"I work in Falmouth and my co-worker talked me into my first Zumba class.....that was almost two years ago and I'm hooked. I love Zumba and actually get a little bit grumpy if I have to miss it. The instructors are real people who care about their clientele, health, and promoting a positive fitness program. Thanks for making exercise fun."

L.C.P. ~ East Sandwich

"Being a member at 241 Fitness is the best thing I have ever done. The classes have not only greatly improved my shape, but the positive, fun atmosphere and music always brightens my day. These two ladies are fitness angels! They work hard at what they do while making it look very easy, and are very educated about the body. I have learned a lot from them. Since becoming a member, I now bring my husband, daughter and her friend who all thoroughly enjoy the Zumba! Thanks for my new cupcakes ladies!! I don't think you realize what a positive impact you have on all of us."

A.L.M. ~ North Falmouth

"I so look forward to my mornings with Wendy. It's my time for me - making me stronger, happier, healthier and better prepared for each day. The camaraderie of the group, the uplifting atmosphere, the positive results ... all contribute to the experience but the best part about it is the FUN! We work hard together, share the pain and share the joy!"

M.J.F. ~ Falmouth

"Men should join! Benefits: 1). Planes of motion: Forward, backward, left, right, up, down, linear (whole body movement), rotational, diagonal. Wendy will help train you in all of them! Maybe more. 2). Proprioception awareness - knowing location,direction,rate of movement of one body part to in relation to another. This is useful in not bumping into the person next to you. Seriously, this hasn't happened once during class! And its a nice phrase to impress people at cocktail parties with. 3). Cross training - Doing lunges and squats helped improve my skiing at Sunday River, Maine. Zumba improves my footwork for tennis. 4). Warm-up - Before going downstairs to the gym to workout again (either Rowing Machine or Treadmill or Exercise Bike) its nice to break a sweat and reduce risk of injury by having all muscles all warmed up. 5). Muscle Confusion - I have been taking classes for 2 months. During that time, Wendy and Ally, constantly make changes to the routine or add new exercises, which increases muscle confusion and prevents plateauing. 6) Dancing with the Stars - Okay, they aren't inviting me anytime soon! LOL! But, I have to say, my modest dance skills have really improved in the Zumba classes. Great music! 7) Agility - I can't tell you how many times I have been in different gyms and men-- {Its always the men! Woman are too smart to make this mistake!} -- are lifting ridiculously heavy amounts of weight with bad form. These guys aren't agile at all. One thing I love about 241 Fitness is its been instrumental in improving my overall agility by requiring quick footwork for each exercise and even quicker transitions to the next exercises. With all these benefits, its a mystery to me, why more men have yet to join. (There are some men there: the few, the proud, the brave, the MACHO MEN of 241 Fitness). Perhaps, the guys are cowards and secretly afraid of being out-done by the ladies. So far, no one has laughed in my face for attending classes, and I have really enjoyed getting a great workout in. My hope is that this testimonial encourages more men to join. Wendy and the wide variety of classes at 241 Fitness has my highest recommendation."

Z.F. "Zumba Fanatic" ~ Boston

"I have been following Wendy around for a few years now and have hit the jackpot with 241 Fitness. Such great fun and camaraderie, always look forward to the next class. Have gained so much; friends, flexibility, confidence..... and more. Thank you."

M.L.A. ~ Falmouth

"241 Fitness has changed my life. I have ADHD and depression. 9 years ago I was put on depression medication and blew up 100 pounds in 6 months. For the last ten years I have learned the difference in the way people treat you and more important you treat/feel about yourself 100 pounds overweight. Heartbreaking. Over the last decade I’ve tried everything. But the pressure to lose a large amount of weight was discouraging; I wanted the 100 pounds to come off as fast as it came on, didn’t happen. Then when I found exercise I liked it for a week, with my ADHD I would get bored and give up. This happened over and over. I needed an exercise program that could keep me from getting bored, (nothing worse than forcing yourself to run inside on a machine like a bunch of human hamsters on wheels at the gym) something that would stay changing, exciting, go by fast (for my hyperactivity) and keep my attention and interest (almost impossible) all the time so I could exercise… 241 Fitness was my solution! Ally and Wendy have solved my exercise problem. They offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels, Zumba my favorite because it is fast (great for hyperactivity)- and it keeps my mental focus because it goes fast which I need-and I never get bored! Because they always change songs and teach you knew routines, plus you have tons of other classes to choose from-AN ADDED BONUS- the variety of people that the classes attract sort of builds you your own team to work out with, you get to cheer each other on, and laugh and it is so fun! I signed up last fall for the year and for the first time ever I am proud to say this time I came back after signing up. I instantly became and have stayed an active member. I can’t wait to get to my classes at night! The excitement never fades, you could never get bored with 241 Fitness-and because I attend 241 Fitness several times a week personal results include the following-I no longer have depression or need depression medicine, my attention and focus has improved in all areas of my life (no more pacing or tapping pens at work yes I was that annoying co worker), I’ve lost 50 pounds, 3 pants sizes and am halfway to my healthy weight, (but my body has toned and sculpted because of the all body toning exercises, so even with the 50 pounds left to lose I look better already than I did at my healthy weight!) I have never felt so alive, able to move my body, my self esteem and confidence is back, the compliments keep coming, but most important I am happy and healthy and it is all thanks to WENDY and all the 241 Fitness members (or my team) thank you all and see you at our next class! 241 fitness works!"

C.M.P ~ Falmouth

"The instructors make every class at 241 Fitness about being healthy, having fun and yes....sweating !! I am 63 .... my BP has dropped, my balance and strength have greatly improved and my husband is impressed by my new stamina as I race ahead of him on the bike path. Thank you both for your knowledge, caring and all the laughter you bring along for the hr."

H.B. ~ East Falmouth

"I find these classes so much fun, everyone has great enthusiasm, the variety of movements really brings some challenge, with a terrific workout! Thank you"

T.S. ~ Falmouth

"I'm pretty athletic and spend a lot of time being active, but Zumba works muscles I don't use much in my normal workout routine. Zumba toning is pretty intense, but so fun you don't notice! Even on Saturday morning when I don't feel like working out, after Zumba I am so glad I got my butt out of bed :D"

B.N.A. ~ Falmouth

"6+ months and I am still loving it! 241 Fitness group has developed such a dynamic approach to having fun while exercising. My true testament came from my husband: We were sitting at dinner and out of the blue he said to me - DG I am sooo amazed that you have kept up with this exercise group & program for so long - you must really love it! Well, he is right - I do love it! I am totally hooked on the results, the engagement, laughter and the smile it has brought back into my life! Thank you 241 Fitness gals you really have inspired me & gave me a much better quality of fitness - FITNESS is now FUN!"

D.G. ~ East Falmouth

"I have just completed my first year of Zumba with 241 Fitness and all I can say is: "You girls are stuck with me!" I can't imagine my week without going to class. I have lost 35 lbs and gone down one to two sizes in everything and feel fantastic. 241 fitness is totally AWESOME and if you are looking for a great workout with a great group of people this will be your last stop. Wendy makes it fun and so easy anyone can follow and you want to keep coming back. They complement and work well together and make a great team! Thank you both for a job well done!"

S.G ~ East Falmouth

"I have always been overweight. Even as a high school and college athlete, I didn't have the body I wanted. I have joined gyms and taken many, many classes in other cities and NEVER have I experienced the type of world class instruction that I get at 241 Fitness they are true professionals. They break down the moves so ANYONE can follow, they are hilarious, and they make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Thanks to them, I have lost those last 10 pounds, and for the first time in my life, my New Years resolution will NOT be to lose weight and get in shape....because I already AM!!! Thank you!!!"

T.C. ~ East Falmouth

"I just want you to know yesterday's Zumba Halloween party/class was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!. I loved it. The choreography couldn't of been better. It was a blast LOVED IT....LOVED IT....LOVED IT ! Keep it coming"

S.G. ~ East Falmouth 

"Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being so motivational, inspirational, welcoming, hilarious and just generally wonderful. I'm a community college professor in D.C. and had put on 10 pounds this past year just from grading papers and making excuses (It's too late in the day! I have too much work to finish!) to not go the the gym. This summer, knowing I'd be off for 3 months, I promised myself I'd make some positive lifestyle changes. Thanks to you two, I think I accomplished much more than I set out to. I'll miss you tons in D.C."

L.W. ~ Washington D.C.

"241 Fitness group has changed my life!" I have been struggling with many different exercise programs trying to find the right fit for me - I have finally found an exercise program that is not only fun, but has helped me increase my energy level, strengthen my muscles and balance. I struggle with Fibromaylgia and have found that Zumba has given me a new look at fitness - it is now fun-fun!!! Thank you 241 Fitness Group!!

D.G. ~ East Falmouth

"After having a baby last year I finally decided it was time to get my butt off the couch and do something, and shed the last few pounds of "baby weight". I signed up in January for the yearly plan without even trying a class first. As soon as I met Wendy I just knew this was going to be great. I have been going to Zumba 3x a week ever since. I have lost 7lbs so far and gained back my muscle tone and increased my energy. I LOVE going to class and have such a blast shaking it with all of the ladies! I have so much more energy, self confidence, and feel great! Thank you Wendy!"

S.A. ~ Falmouth

"I never thought I would think of exercising as fun, but Zumba is AWESOME and FUN. The other classes they offer are just as Great. I joined for the first time in March when they had the March madness and in that month I have lost 14 pounds and at least 10 inches. It's a great group of ladies. We hoot, holler, and laugh and sometimes it doesn't feel like exercise. I have since joined for the year and look forward to the evening classes. I try to make 3 to 4 classes a week and find I have more energy and people are noticing the difference and that feels wonderful! Thank you and keep up the great work!"

S.G. ~ East Falmouth

"I LOVE Zumba! In the past, I’ve joined health clubs and gone religiously for about 2 months and then I’d find an excuse to miss a class. One excuse would lead to another and before I knew it, I was out. That is not the case with 241 FITNESS! I absolutely must be one of their biggest fans! They make each class so much fun that I can’t wait to go! Honestly, I look FORWARD to working out with them. I’m 49 years old, have multiple sclerosis, and have been struggling with 20+ extra pounds for several years. In just 2 months of Zumba, 3 times a week, I’ve improved my balance, lost 17 POUNDS and 15 ¾ INCHES! It took me about 3 classes to get comfortable with the moves, but now I go crazy in there! I feel like the harder I work and the more I shake, the faster the inches will come off. AND IT’S WORKING! I’m not done yet. I want to continue to lose a few more pounds and inches and look forward to keeping it off! Wendy offers so many different classes. There is something for everyone. IT’S SO MUCH FUN AND IT WORKS! What more could you ask for?

6 months later... "Wendy taught me how to dance my way into shape. Zumba and Zumba Toning helped me lose 40 pounds! Those 1 1/2 pound maracas shaped my arms, and what woman doesn't want to have great arms?! I can't diet, I had to change my lifestyle and Zumba made all the difference! I've also made a lot of great friends in class! Life is good!"

D.T. ~ East Falmouth     

"I am absolutely hooked on 241 Fitness! I am a 1 year breast cancer survivor, having endured surgery, chemo, and radiation. After cancer treatments, I was left with a very thin, weak body, and very little stamina. After a few months of taking your classes, I can see some muscle tone return to my body and I feel stronger every day! I find that my favorite classes are PUMP, Pilates, and especially Zumba! Not only am I improving my health, I have so much fun doing it! I really look forward to the classes after working all day. I think they help my mental health, too - just burning off the stress! Thank you so much!!!"

L.S. ~ East Falmouth

"The level of service at 241 Fitness is fantastic. Having known the owner for many years, I am continually impressed by her energy and professionalism. Thank you for making fitness fun."

S.P. ~ East Falmouth

"In this day and age, it's hard to find a company you can believe in. 241 Fitness was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why - the instructors and classes are outstanding. Keep up the good work!"

J.L. ~ Falmouth

"My granddaughter talked me into coming to Zumba. Ever since I have been hooked. The instructors have made it so much fun, I can't wait for Wednesday and Saturday mornings."

A.L. ~ North Falmouth